Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Its all about me, me, me with you, you, you

I just got a new app for my smartphone, its called Everytrail and like all these apps I had to get the Pro version rather than the free Lite version because nothing works on the Lite version. Hey ho its only a few bucks so not worth worrying about.
The App is by the by really as I found that people had been uploading their rides onto the Everytrail website.
Now thats something that I have been wanting to do for a long time, share routes. Its one thing talking about being a 'community' of mountain bikers but being all possessive about a great trail you know seems, well, kind of childish to me.
A couple of years ago I floated the idea of publishing an online mountain bike trail book to a few of the other operators here in Borneo, it was utterly refused, point blank.
All I wanted to do was encourage more people to go out to more routes and get more of thier friends interested in this sport that we love. Seems that people out here are more interested in jealously protecting a route that they know.
Sure, we sell trips to tourists and locals alike but I dont see how having routes published would undermine any of our businesses.
SO - 
Being a sneaky and humorous kind of a guy I have decided to go ahead with the project with my colleagues at Bike Borneo by sending spies along with our competitors armed with GPS units so we can publish thier routes anyway. This way we will get the credit for the routes as we published them! Its a shiney silver lining that one.
Asked Santa for anything special this year? I want a Brookes leather saddle please Mr beardy fat bloke and no I dont want to play with Rudolphs nose..........

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