Sunday, June 13, 2010

John Wayne Walk

Get yourself a slimline seat, buy a seatpost that has a high-profile upper bracket that pushes the seat upwards in the middle, go for a 10 km uphill ride and book yourself straight in for an embarrassing appointment at the doctors.
Nobody told me about this, nobody even suggested that this was a possibility. I mean you buy a good seat, then buy a good seatpost and hey presto you have the mother of all sores in the most unpleasant place on your body.
All I was trying to do was take the opportunity to enjoy my new full-susser on a bit of a demanding route.
Getting all your lightweight and top quality gear to match is even more complicated than I had imagined, now I have to choose to replace either my seatpost or my seat, both were expensive. Things were much more simple when I had an off the shelf bike and everything worked together. My arse only suffered when I did more than six or seven hours in the saddle, pretty good I thought.
And what is all that effing noise about at the football world cup? I love footie, I know as well as the next man that England stand no chance of winning but I love the idea of us winning and as long as we are still in the competition, we still stand a chance. Maybe a cat in hell might have a similar amount of confidence but you dont give up do you? Hey at least we made it to the finals, Scotland are supporting everyone that England plays and Ireland are sending letter bombs to Thierry Henry by the dozen.
I just wish they would stop with the horn blowing, no it doesnt do anything for the 'atmosphere' at all, gives everyone a headache and makes the commentators feel the need to keep talking just to distract viewers from the annoyance.
As for MTB riding; I am headed off to Sarawak in a couple of weeks where I plan to do as much riding as I can, Malcolm Jitam will be getting a call and I plan to make a video of my efforts for your amusement.