Monday, May 10, 2010

Viva Duallies!

As I gingerly took the new full suspension frame out to test (it had all the components from my old bike in case you think I might try to test a naked frame Thats it in the picture above, a Giant Talon frame), I didnt really know what to expect. The rear shock (Fox) had two controls on it and despite instructions gleaned from the internet it was still pretty confusing what they actually did. I would go so far as to say that the instructions made it more confusing, if they just said 'move the blue one to lock off or increase stiffness during climbing' it would be easy but of course they dont do that do they? No. Trial and error got the job done.
I loved it, even the extra kilo or two I was taking up the hills didnt seem to drag me back, at least I didnt notice it, the fact that every rock I rode over didnt kick me up the arse was like some kind of spiritual revelation! I could sit down on a bumpy climb. My ass is very grateful indeed.
As for the downhill... Anyone who has made this transition knows what I am talking about, its quite simply incredible, the back wheel tracks the front wheel instead of bucking around and the urge to keep a squeeze on the brakes vanishes. Its not exactly super-smooth but it is about 95% better than a hardtail. The thing that surprised me most was the sensitivity I got from the ground, I could still feel the terrain without being hucked around.
Its still new to me and I have yet to go out for a big ride with the guys but first impression are 'favourable'.
The fact that it is yellow still gives me some trouble but I think I will be able to learn to live with it.