Tuesday, July 23, 2013

That was the year that was.

We at Bike Borneo have long been of the opinion that basic is best. Maybe because we have such limited access to parts and spares and have to learn to make do, maybe because hiring bikes out to clients from all over the world has taught us to keep things as simple as possible (did I tell you about the time we had an American who declined to have his brakes set up with front on the left saying he would be fine, and he took a huge endo, flew for miles, I mean I looked into his eyes as he came through the air and he really did look surprised).
Personally I have a reasonably complicated bike and that brings with it foibles and quirks that often even I cant fix so I would hate for a stranger to take it for a ride and encounter problems.
Our main guides ride basic models, Trek or Gary Fisher, no upgrades and they do great. I guess they wouldnt want to race them but they are certainly good enough for high-performing professional bike guides.

So ultimately the question is begged; why on earth do we spend all that money on high-tech, super light 'go-faster' goodies?

(I dont know about you but I'm about 50% less fit than I need to be and a good 10 Kg heavier than I should be)

Got an answer? A good one?