Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Too good to be true

Its easy to feel victimised by fortune, bad luck besets a great many of us, some shoulder the situation with fortitude and stoicism, some complain, some use faith, some use drink or drugs and some simply crumble like a biscuit under a falling rider.
I'm a complainer, the other options are useless to me, silent stoicism would make for a rubbish blog (even rubbisher than this one), faith took its leave long ago and while I do quite like a drink I think my particular poor fortune doesnt really warrant developing a serious addiction.
Its a matter of degrees anyway, my crops didnt fail, I havent been diagnosed with a terrible illness and I havent caught my wife getting jiggy with the gardener (yet), but my mountain bike woes continue to do two things that bring me down; Firstly the fact that I cant get my machine to work properly implies that I am a crap mechanic and that hurts (truth = pain), secondly I seem to have spent a skipload of cash and a long time to find myself in the same headscratching situation all the time.
Tubeless tyres, now demystified as far as fitting goes except that the rear one has suddenly decided to start deflating after a couple of hours, I thought tubeless tyres were less hassle? If it was my old tyres I would just change the tube, what now?

New brakes, heres the thing; my old brakes (Avid Juicy 5's) squeaking like crazy the whole time, local bike shop charged me and made it worse, I got fed up and bought a set of Avid Elixirs, guess what? oh you got it, making a bloody racket they are, shouting like a baby thats lost its bottle.

To top it all the seatpost has started slipping, I cant get the clamp to go tight enough to hold it, now I slowly slide down as I ride.

So picture this: tyre deflating, seat sliding down and brakes that are making a hell of a noise. Is it any wonder that I dont find stoicism, faith or addiction any kind of comfort? This problem is TOO BIG for regular reactions.

There now, a problem shared is still a problem but thanks for reading anyway, I may soon be selling a very good, trouble-free mountain bike if anyones interested (preferred buyer should have addictions, religion or basic mechanic skills).........