Monday, December 28, 2009

Welcome to a blog for mountain biking in Sabah!

Writing the first entry in a blog is like walking onto a stage at an empty theatre, there's no-one there to see the show.
I guess these things have to start somewhere though.

So whats it all about? I hear you whisper. Well frankly its about mountain biking in the state of Sabah. I know I know the title says "Borneo" but its catchy and matches our Climbborneo blogsite, sort of a blog conglomerate.

Truth is I have never been to Kalimantan since I have heard it is full of dragons and whomping willow trees, Brunei is great but I havent ridden there either and Sarawak has the most awesome mountain bikers around who have the place pretty sewn up.

So, Sabah it is then.

But we do know Sabah, there are many mountain bikers here and so many trails and routes that we are spoiled for chioce, limited only by how much time we can dedicate to going out and riding new routes.

It is our hope that we can help to spread the word about riding mountain bikes here, encourage people to take up the sport and promote this amazing place.