Monday, May 21, 2012

Wearing pink pyjamas

Some kind of roadside sculpture, no idea what it means...
An international cast, who weren't very fast, but had a blast....
A week is a long time in politics.
On a mountain bike saddle it is far, far longer I can tell you.
Five days it took us, a team of six, to circumnavigate Mount Kinabalu. Five riding at a time and one driving the support vehicle.
Its always a surprise to me just how unfit I am but never more so than after 6 hours riding, facing a hill in the midday heat.
Had it not been for the great company I was in and the fact that my bike seemed to be working quite well it would have been a trial. As it was we all enjoyed it on the whole, sure there were times when it was quite tough and we weren't enjoying ourselves 100 percent but I've yet to ride a two hour climb that I loved all the way up!
While we have been using this route for the last eight years or more we have decided to shorten it to a three day ride which is both easier and more fun. Starting at Park HQ and ending at Sorinsim substation it has jungle trekking, technical riding, villages and farms and never gets boring.